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  • Industry Specific – RTK Mobile SIM cards and data plans are designed specifically for use with RTK GNSS Receivers and data collectors.
  • Best Coverage – Our Multi-Network SIM connects to to over 300 worldwide carriers and automatically chooses the strongest network available so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Convenience – RTK Mobile makes activation simple.  Simply scan the QR code on the SIM and get activated in a few minutes.
  • One Size Fits All – Our Tri-Cut SIM card, which includes easy punch out Mini 2FF, Micro 3FF, and Nano 4FF SIM sizes, ensures you get the right SIM size for your device.

Our coverage map of the United States shows how having access to more data networks means more coverage in more areas. Consult your local supported carrier to find your coverage area outside the United States.