How Can I Prevent Excessive Data Usage?

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December 11, 2023

How Can I Prevent Excessive Data Usage?

Understanding Your Data Usage with RTK Mobile SIM Cards:

When utilizing your SIM card primarily for RTK corrections, exceeding 1 GB of data is unlikely. For limited internet usage on the data collector, plans of 2 GB or 5 GB are generally adequate.

You can monitor your data usage and plan limits at any time by visiting RTK Mobile Account. If you find your usage unexpectedly high, consider taking steps to reduce cell bandwidth usage on your tablet or upgrading to a 2 GB or 5 GB plan.

Specific Device Instructions:

BRx7 Receiver:

Using the RTK Mobile SIM card in the BRx7 typically won't exceed the 1 GB limit. However, be cautious if you use the built-in router for internet connectivity. The unregulated connection might inadvertently consume significant data by updating software or other background activities. To avoid unintended connections, consider enabling WIFI Connect Authentication on your BRx7. Refer to page 31 of the BRx7 manual for guidance on setting up a password. We also have a guide to help connect to the BRx7 UI.

Data Collector Tablet:

Excessive data usage is often due to backup utilities like Dropbox on Windows 10 tablets. These utilities can sync large files without restriction. If you use such services, opt for a larger data plan, such as 5 GB, and monitor your backup contents closely.

In some instances, your device might have an "internet leak" due to malware or a program continuously failing registration. To address this, you might consider creating a firewall rule. For instructions on blocking program registration with Microsoft, visit this guide.

Managing Cellular Data on Your Device:

To control which apps use cellular data, follow these steps: Allow or Deny Cellular Data Usage.

For a comprehensive understanding of cellular settings in Windows, Microsoft provides a detailed guide: Cellular Settings in Windows.

Lastly, consider conducting a virus or malware scan if you suspect any malicious activity affecting your data usage. Malwarebytes offers a free scanning tool here. While antivirus software is helpful, remember that it can also consume data through updates, so weigh the pros and cons of keeping it installed.

By understanding your typical data usage, securing your devices, and taking proactive measures, you can effectively manage your data and avoid unexpected overages.