BRx7 Troubleshooting Checklist

Configure Layout for SIM in GNSS Receiver
March 28, 2023
SIM Card Troubleshooting with BRx7 UI
April 18, 2023

BRx7 Troubleshooting Checklist

BRx7 Modem LED blinks when communicating

When the Green modem icon is blinking, you know the SIM card is configured correctly and is connected to an RTK source. Follow these verification steps in the order shown if you are having trouble.

Verify SIM is Activated

Login to your RTK Mobile account to see your Data plans and the ICCID number associated with each plan. The ICCID number is printed both on the credit card sized SIM carrier that your SIM was punched out of and on the SIM you put in the BRx7. If you don’t know how to log into your account, you can verify the SIM status on the Activation page just by typing in the ICCID number. If it does not have a status of “Active” or “activated” you will need to associate a data plan with the SIM card.

Verify SIM is detected by BRx7

Even though the SIM card is in the BRx7, it could be seated incorrectly and not making contact. The most direct way to prove that it is seated correctly is to connect to the BRx7 by WiFi to load the Web UI in a web browser and see if the “SIM card not detected” message is shown. Detailed instructions for doing this are here and in the Carlson Web UI section of the BRx7 Users Manual.

Verify BRx7 has updated firmware

Older versions of the BRx7 firmware do not work with SIM cards. You can use the Web UI or SurvCE/PC to see the firmware version. The Web UI firmware should be at least 0.66.22041. If not, you will need to update the firmware. Please carefully follow the directions in the PDF. 

To see the firmware in SurvCE/PC, go to Equip | GNSS Rover and select your GNSS receiver. In the Comms tab establish communication with the GNSS receiver. Click on Current tab and tap the “i” icon to see the firmware versions.

Verify Reset Factory Defaults is run after updating firmware

The firmware update instructions instruct you to use the SurvCE/PC button “Reset Factory Defaults” in GPS Utilities. If this step is skipped, the BRx7 will be unable to use the SIM card.

Verify APN is set after Reset Factory Defaults

Running “Reset Factory Defaults” erases the APN from the BRx7 so it must be entered again. Follow the directions here to use SurvCE/PC to set the APN to

Verify connection to RTK data is correct

Sometimes the RTK network information is entered incorrectly. For example, NTRIP passwords are wrong or the NTRIP account is not activated. We can prove that the SIM is working by connecting to a simple Direct TCP/IP RTK souce as shown in the “Test Connection to the Internet” section at the bottom of this page. If you want to test an NTRIP connection instead, you can use these settings:

NTRIP Server: Port: 2101

Username: wmuser Password: wmuser

Mountpoint: SGU1_RTCM3

SurvPC Error Messages

“Network Status:  Module Off” – Use the SurvCE/PC button “Reset Factory Defaults” in GPS Utilities and then follow the directions here to use SurvCE/PC to set the APN.

“Network Status: Module Initializing” for a long time before failing – follow the directions here to use SurvCE/PC to set the APN.

“Module initiation fail” – SIM card not installed or seated improperly.

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