Connecting Internet with Skylight (only RT3/RT4)

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July 13, 2023
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Connecting Internet with Skylight (only RT3/RT4)

Sometimes the RT3/RT4 has some hidden APN profiles that can interfere with connecting with the internet. The goal of this section is to use Skylight to remove these shadow profiles and make sure that only APN left is with the correct settings.

Downloading and Installing

Download Skylight on your RT3/RT4 by using WIFI or you can also save it to a thumb drive and copy it to your tablet. Do not download Skylight from the Microsoft app store. The Skylight version 4814 is specific for this modem and you may have problems seeing profiles with other versions.

Install Skylight with default options on the tablet.

Using Skylight to connect to

Find the Skylight icon on the Desktop and double click it.

If you are having connection problems it might look similar to this:

Cleaning Up

Click on the wrench icon to get to the profiles.

Now click on profiles and then click on the Default profile. You may need to maximize the window and slide the dividing bar to the right to see the entire name of the profiles. Change the APN to (make sure it is spelled correctly and no spaces before or after). Just as you see in the picture below, delete any username and password, PDP type should be IPv4 or Default, and Authentication is set to None. Once that is done, click on Apply.

Delete all other profiles. If you can’t edit or delete profiles, that usually means that you are already connected. Click on OK to confirm changes and exit User Options and go back to the main Skylight App. Windows will repopulate the one with “ProvisionedContextInternetProfile” as part of the name. This is normal as long as the APN is set up just like the Default profile we edited.

Connecting to the Internet

It might take a minute or two, but it should show this screen. If it doesn’t give the option to connect, try using the drop down below the connect button. Some tablets will require turning cellular off and on again or a reboot and then checking the profiles again. There should only be profiles with APN with the other settings as above. After it connects, the connect button will change to a Disconnect button. A quick fix can also be to turn off Cellular and turn it back on.

You can now close Skylight and check the system tray internet button to check on the status.

If this doesn’t work, you may need to follow additional troubleshooting.