RT4 Troubleshooting Checklist

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May 1, 2023
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May 13, 2023

RT4 Troubleshooting Checklist

When you have the “Connected, roaming” message as shown above, you know the SIM card is configured correctly and is connected to the internet. Follow these steps in the order shown if you followed the instructions here and are still having trouble.

1. Verify SIM is Activated

Login to your RTK Mobile account to see your Data plans and the ICCID number associated with each plan. The ICCID number is printed both on the credit card sized SIM carrier that your SIM was punched out of and on the SIM you put in the RT4. If you don’t know how to log into your account, you can verify the SIM status on the Activation page just by typing in the ICCID number. If it does not have a status of “Active” or “activated” you will need to associate a data plan with the SIM card.

2. Verify SIM is detected by RT4

If you haven’t already, make sure that your tablet has Cell support. Follow these instructions to make sure.

Even though the SIM card is in the RT4, it could be seated incorrectly and not making contact. Make sure you are using the Micro punchout size that is one bigger than the smallest. If you punched out the smallest size, you can carefully put it back in the Micro size plastic spacer.

If you are replacing a SIM card with a new one, it is best to start the RT4 without a SIM card inside before turning it off and putting the new one in.

3. Verify RT4 has updated drivers

With the SIM removed, either follow the manufacturer instructions on this page in the section “Uninstall and Re-install Drivers” or use the instructions here to reinstall the EM7455 drivers. (RT3 users would use the EM7430 drivers)

You will need to remove the drivers of the cell modem. Go to Add or remove programs in windows and uninstall the Sierra Wireless Juniper Mobile Broadband Driver Package.

Open Device Manager and show hidden devices under View.

Expand Network Adapters, Sensors, and System Devices and Software devices and uninstall Sierra Wireless related device drivers and any Cellular connections by right clicking and choosing uninstall or selecting and click on Action > Uninstall device.

After uninstalling the drivers and devices, download this file, unzip and then tap and hold (to right-click) on the swsd007455iJuniper.inf file and select Install. After waiting for installation to finish, turn the RT4 off and back on with the SIM still removed. If you have the Carlson RT3 you would download this file instead and then install it.

Connecting to the internet using an RTK Mobile SIM card

In the lower right area of the task bar, tap the internet icon (three types of internet icons are circled in red below) and make sure that Cellular is enabled.

Click on “Network and Internet” settings in that same area.

In the Network and Internet settings dialog choose Cellular on the left side.

In the Cellular dialog, make sure that Roam is marked.

Wait two minutes after running the program to see if it gets connected. If not, turn off cellular for about five seconds and then turn it back on and wait about two minutes. You can also power off the RT4 and back on again.

If you need to, go through the steps again to add the APN again and then reboot.

Further Troubleshooting

After the above steps, if it is still not connecting, some RT4 tablets may take an additional step especially if you have had another SIM card in the past in the device. If Windows does not automatically detect and load the correct APN settings for your cellular network (based on the inserted SIM card), you can use the Sierra Wireless Skylight app to correct the APN settings.

Connect to the Internet with Skylight